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Welding Services:

  • Resistance Welding (Spot, Seam, Projection)
    Brazing Services:
  • Supplement B - Induction
  • Torch/Induction
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    Over 100 Metal Services - Heat Treating, Brazing and More

    Abrasive Blasting
    Activated Diffusion Healing (ADH)
    Age Hardening
    Annealing: Atmosphere, Bright, Induction, Solution, Vacuum
    Annealing: Copper, Brass, Magnetic Alloys
    Assembly: for Brazing Applications
    Benchwork: Finishing
    Blasting: Abrasive, Shot, Grit and Glass Bead
    Bradelloy: Installation, Sintering
    Brazing: Exotic Metals, Nickel Alloy Components, Copper, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
    Brazing: Hydrogen Continuous Belt, Argon, Nitrogen
    Brazing: Induction, Resistance, High Temp, Torch, Vacuum
    Capacitor Discharge Welding
    Carbon Restoration
    Case Hardening
    Chemical Braze, Honeycomb Stripping, Etching, Cleaning
    Chemical Processing
    Chemical Cleaning
    Titanium Cleaning
    Macroetch Inspection
    Brush Nickel Plating
    Cleaning: Acid, Alkaline, Blast, Assemblies
    CNC Machining: For All Metals, Horizontal and Vertical
    CNC Machining: Conventional Turning up to 60" dia.
    CNC Machining: 4 axis Milling up to 31.5" cube
    CNC Machining: 4 axis Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
    Codep Stripping
    Coatings: Pack Diffusion, CVD Hard Coatings, Tic, Tin, Oxidizing, E-Coating
    Cryogenic Treatment
    Deep Freeze
    Engineering and Design Services: Industrial, Metal Products, Materials
    EDM: Plunge and Wire
    Electroplating: Selective
    Etch: Macro, Acid, White Spot, Thermal
    Ferritic Nitrocarburizing
    Finishing Services: Benchwork, Blast, Tumble
    Flame Hardening
    Grit Blasting, Cleaning
    Grinding: Surface, Cylindrical and Centerless
    Gear and Roll Specialists
    Hardening: Age, Atmosphere, Case, Neutral, Precipitation, Induction
    Hardening: Martensitic Steels, Stainless
    Heat Treating: Aluminum, Die Castings, High Speed Steel
    Heat Treating: Induction Heating, Vacuum
    Honeycomb Braze & Replacement
    Hydrogen Belt Brazing
    Induction Brazing
    Induction Hardening, Annealing
    Induction Heating
    Industrial Engineering
    Fluorescent Penetrant
    Ultrasonic Immersion
    Visible Dye Penetrant
    Ion Nitriding
    Logistics: Trailers 40' 48' 53', Flat Beds, Warehousing and Storage
    Low Carbon Steel Brazing
    Machining Operations: Overhaul & Repair
    Machining: For All Metals
    Machining: Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Plunge and Wire
    Manufacturing: Assembly, Non-Destructive Testing, Production
    Materials Laboratory Services
    Microhardness Profile Analysis
    Analysis: Defect and Failure, Chemical, Metallurgical
    Testing: Tensile, Corrosion, Mechanical, Hardness, Salt Spray, Oil Quenchant
    Research and Development: Processes, Furnaces
    Melonite: Salt Ferritic Nitrocarburizing
    Nitridetek: Low Temperature Surface Treatment for Ferrous Metals
    Nitriding: Ion, Gas, Gas of Tool & Die Steel
    Oxidizing (Steam Oxide Coating)
    Pack Diffusion Coatings
    Pressure Testing
    Quench: Oil, Water
    Radiography: X-ray
    Salt Spray Testing
    Saw Cutting up to 12" dia.
    Soldering All Types of Metals
    Solution Age Hardening
    Solution Age Hardening of Stainless
    Solution Treating
    Spot Welding
    Stainless Steel Brazing: Copper, Silver, Nickel
    Stress Relieving
    Surface Grinding up to 12" x 24"
    SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope
    Video Microscope
    Metallographic Lab
    TiC-Titanium Carbide Coatings
    TiN-Titanium Nitride Coatings
    Tool, Jig & Fixture: Design, Build, Repair
    Tool Steel Processing, Hardening
    Transportation: Trailers 40' 48' 53', Flat Beds, Warehousing and Storage
    Tumble De-Burring
    Vacuum: Brazing, Heat Treating, Annealing
    Washing Services
    Welding: ASME Section IX
    Welding: Arc, Laser, Machine, Automatic, Percussion Stud, Resistance, TIG, MIG, Spot, Projection
    Welding: Titanium, Aluminum
    X-ray Radiography
    Zinc Phosphating


    Brazed Laminated Assemblies: Torque Converters, Tubular Assemblies, Custom Forming
    Braze Aids: Stop Offs, Binders
    Metallic Substrates: Corrugated, Honeycomb, Catalytic Converters

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