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Welding Services:

  • Resistance Welding (Spot, Seam, Projection)
    Brazing Services:
  • Supplement B - Induction
  • Torch/Induction
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    HTG is a QS-9000-registered and ISO 9002-certified manufacturing company whose name is an acronym for the custom-machined and fabricated brazed products that we produce.

    Since its founding in 1943, the firm has achieved much success in the field of metal joining and thermal processing.

    HTG manufactures precision machined components and vacuum, furnace or induction brazed, complex assemblies for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, as well as various commercial customers.

    Through the years, more important than all the industry recognition is the recognition given to us by our OEM customers, who have many times down-selected HTG as their supplier of choice from a field of scores of potential suppliers around the nation to supply them with very difficult parts and assemblies.

    As a supplier/partner to many OEMs, we provide strategic assistance in designing for manufacturability. This usually requires early supplier involvement with the engineering personnel at the design stage.

    This service can provide tremendous value in that it reduces certain costs not only in the final manufacturing process, but can also eliminate 're-engineering' the part/assembly at a later date in order to make the manufacturing process cost effective.

    HTG provides prototype and production machining services - both vertical and horizontal milling, turning, and wire EDM. We provide brazing services in house, which can greatly reduce costs and enables certain critical designs to become feasible for manufacturing.

    HTG provides metallographic services and metallurgical engineering services to verify joint integrity and quality of brazed assemblies. We also offer our experience in managing a large supplier base per QS9000 standards, complying with all requirements regarding traceability of materials.

    As the prime contractor, we provide the necessary education and supervision to ensure total compliance to our customers' specifications. We have developed that experience over the years.


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