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    HTG's Commercial Induction facility takes pride in their craftsmanship and personalized service. For over 50 years our commitment to quality has earned us a reputation of being one of the most versatile and complete induction heat treating facility in the Midwest. HTG's state-of-the-art Materials Laboratory and Corporate Engineering team supplement processing capabilities. Work performed at Commercial Induction results in accurate, economical and expedient service to our customers. When it comes to induction hardening, Commercial Induction is very competitive, regardless of the size of the part or volume of your order.

    Induction Hardening & Induction Annealing

    What Is It?
    Induction heating is a process where steel is hardened or annealed by heating, followed by quenching. It is an electromagnetic process using a copper inductor coil, which is fed a current at a specific frequency and power level.

    Why Use Induction Hardening? Induction Hardening has many benefits such as:

    Localized Hardening. Case hardening places a hard case around the entire surface of the part while induction hardening hardens only the precise pattern defined by the inductor coil. The components in the photo have been cut and etched to show the induction hardened pattern.
    Depth of hardness is easily controlled. With this computer-controlled process, the depth of hardness is uniform and easy to control and replicate.
    Materials costs is reduced.
    Minimizes distortion.


    Inductors can be mounted to a line for increased throughput.
    Fewer processes are needed. No stop-off paints or copper-plating operations needed.
    No required preheating allows for quicker startup.
    No harmful emissions, noise, or environmental concerns.
    Induction heaters cause minimal distortion of parts.
    Efficient equipment. Utility costs are reduced.

    Specialists Serving the Gear & Roll Industries

    Since 1946, Commercial Induction has built a reputation as a premier induction heat treating company of large rolls and gears.
    Gear capacity is limited literally by our ability to get a gear into our building.
    Our niche in the roll industry is our ability to scan vertically a part up to 22 feet long, 31 inches in diameter or weight up to 15,000 lbs
    We offer a selection of quenches including water, oil, and water soluble media
    Scanning equipment, index tables, rotary tables allows for high production runs or one piece at a time processing
    Auxiliary equipment is just as important as the primary induction units and we are well equipped in this area to handle any of your requirements.
    Tempering furnaces capable of tempering any part except the largest of gears which we induction temper.
    Certified magnaflux inspectors in-house
    Cyrogenic treatment, Materials Lab services and Engineering support & troubleshooting available.

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