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    Brazed Heat Exchangers

       HTG has experience brazing tube and shell and plate and frame heat  exchangers. The shell and tube heat exchanger design consists of u-shaped  or straight tubes encased in a cylindrical tube. Plate and frame heat  exchangers are a "sandwich" of conducting plates through which independent  circuits push fluids. Brazed plate heat exchangers are a type of plate and  frame heat exchanger are brazed in a vacuum furnace to reduce leaks.

    Brazed tube and shell and plate heat exchangers have a reputation for  reliability that reduces the overall cost of maintenance and repair.

    Because of their compact nature, these heat exchangers are not only energy  efficient and cost effective, but also adaptable for a variety of  different uses.

    These types of exchangers are commonly used for refrigeration units, heat  pumps, floor heaters, domestic water heaters, swimming pool heating, snow  melting appliances, and any type of fluid to fluid heating unit. There are  plenty of industrial uses for brazed heat exchangers such as in hydraulic  oil coolers, transmission and engine coolers, and in marine and seawater  applications.

      The ton capacity of heat exchangers varies from customer to customer.  Contact us to compare our prices based on your specifications. We use  various methods of manufacturing to maintain productivity, improve part  performance and reduce the overall cost. In today's market, production of  goods with high productivity and low cost of ownership is more crucial  than ever and engineering products using either brazed tube and shell or  heat plate exchangers is a step toward meeting that goal.


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