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Welding Services:

  • Resistance Welding (Spot, Seam, Projection)
    Brazing Services:
  • Supplement B - Induction
  • Torch/Induction
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    Fabricated Aerospace Assemblies

    HTG is more than a manufacturer of high quality aerospace components and assemblies. Our process capabilities and scale of operation allow us to supply every industry needing metal brazing, heat treating, metal stamping, machining, welding and assembly. We are here to meet the needs of marine, power generation, aerospace, rail, automotive, and specialty industries.

    We collaborate with our customers at every phase - from process planning through final manufacture and assembly. HTG ensures the end product meets our customers needs. Our services allow customers to take advantage of bonding and metal forming technologies using the most cost-effective processing methods available in today's industry.

    Assembly: HTG is capable of providing its customers with assembly and subassembly components. Assembly methods most practiced are: riveting; pressing; welding; and other standard industrial processes.

    Sheet Metal Fabrication: Our sheet metal fabrication manufacturers supply sheet metal details to customer specifications and drawing requirements supporting our metal brazing capabilities.

    HTG Capabilities Include:
  • Process Capabilities
  • Metal Brazing
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Non-Destructive Testing
    Inspection Services
  • Rapid Response
  • Rapid Response
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • CAD/CAM Design
  • Heat Treating
  • Package and Ship
  • Specializing in R & D Engineering
    and Prototyping

  • HTG top management's commitment to instilling a process-based Quality Management System, focuses around our customer's needs.

    The quality initiative at HTG is "Right Today, Better Tomorrow". Quality is our top priority.

    HTG Quality, Technical and Manufacturing leadership is committed to continual improvement of our processes and quality management systems. Our Quality Systems meet and exceed NADCAP, ISO and AS standards established for the Aerospace industry, recognized the world over.

    HTG's system handles the most critical and stringent industrial quality requirements in today's manufacturing environment. Our key focus on continual improvement and value-added activities is achieved through:

    1. Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma Principles

    2. Continuous Training for All Employees

    3. Acquisitioning State-of-the-Art Inspection Equipment

    HTG values the importance of In-process inspections as Quality requirements are increased and we know that the Customer demands cost reductions. Implementation of these in-process inspections at critical points through out manufacturing, minimize the risk of defects. These inspection points make it easier for Quality to pinpoint the cause of any defect.

    Quality Control has incorporated a new MRP system for parts tracking along with corresponding databases used to accurately maintain inventory control. Our quality processes are under constant review to ensure the best quality for the best price is relayed to our valued customers.

    HTG focus is on the needs of our customers while exceeding their expectations, thereby establishing a solid business relationship. Quality processes are tailored to accommodate our customer; traceability is maintained through completed data records comprised of all customer correspondence, drawings, material certifications and inspection reports. A Customer Satisfaction Survey completes HTGs' strive to identify the needs of our customers in their own words.


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